Thursday, 24 July 2014

Teacher for a day

Hi this my work called teacher for a day.This is what I would do if I was and teacher I hope you enjoy my work thanks for looking at my work

Hurt free poster

 hi there this is my hurt free poster I hope that you enjoy it.I have put it up on it to show you that our school is the best because we use hurt free values. My principal is the best principal in the world.

Five Minute frenzy term 3

WALT increase our basic facts recall speed

Hello this is term three's maths I have also tried my best and I think that I may be getting slightly better every time we move up a harder level.

Five Minute Frenzy

WALT Increase our basic facts recall speed. 

This is my five minute frenzy that I have done during school. This was term 2 learning  for maths and I tried my best so I am so proud of my work.