Monday, 11 August 2014

Stop Tagging

W.A.L.T: Write for an audience.

                            Stop Tagging.                 
Kia Ora this is my speech about tagging. I got picked to read it out during our Friday assembly. I was so nervous and shy because I had stage fright. I was so scared my face was red. I was acting weird and It felt like I was going to cry.

I think that people who tag should stop tagging because it makes Kaikohe  look ugly and the people that tag are silly because they should not be tagging. Its bad to do and ugly to look at.

When it happens I think we should step up and not let the people who tag ruin our town. If you see someone tagging tell them stop. Tell the taggers we don’t like it and tell them we will go to the police. Hopefully they will get the message in there head and stop tagging.

I think that the Prime Minister should man up. No offence but that is the truth. He should create better penalties.  Tagging is ugly it makes the community, people and shopkeepers feel angry and embarrassed.

When visitors come they may think that our town looks ugly and may not come back again till its all fixed up. It probably costs heaps of money to scrub it off and who is going to pay for it - you and me.

They should stop tagging because they might go to jail for a long time. That would be their  fault because they have been warned. Thank you for and good and patient audience you're  the best.

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