Friday, 24 October 2014

How moving into room 17 has changed me!

How moving into room 17 for me has helped

Once I moved class rooms and swapped with one of the other students my life has been . I had being put on a contract which I just got off today Yay. My teacher is one of the most prettyest the most  kindest teachers in the school. She helps me when I need help she reminds us if we have any ups and downs that's why I admire her. Moving in different classes made me a bit whakama and amaimai but then I got over it and made a new start it was like I moved to a different school I love my new class room I am in.
The reasons why I moved is because I didn't get along with somebody I used to have a big attitude but now I have been more on to it. It's cool beacuse I stiil get to hang out with my old friends and new friends :)

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  1. Wow Angel-lee i reckon that you that you are better in room 17 because its helps your leaning and it thrills me that it changed your life.Tirita

    I hope that you enjoy being in room 17 with Miss Newton I really loved being in her class I know I loved being in her class. I hope you enjoyed her. Amy