Tuesday, 14 October 2014

On The Holidays

On the holidays I went and stayed with my mum in Whangaparaoa. My younger and older  brothers and sisters were so happy I was coming. I enjoyed my time there. We went down to the beach and played on the park near by. After we finished playing on the park and having a swim in the water we went back home. My mum said go upstairs and have a kai. so me my brothers and sister went up stairs and had?. Sausage sizzles and fizzy drinks. After we finished we went up stairs into the room. I turned on the radio and danced with my sister and my 12 year old aunty. After I turned off the radio and we went and played down stairs on the tramp. Then after a while we went for a walk to the shop and brought some lollies then we came back home. My mum said go have some tea we went up stairs and had some chicken soup. Done the dishes then put on a movie and went to sleep.

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